About Us

“The Joy of Dressing is an art” says John Galliano, the Gibraltar-born British Fashion Designer. However, no dress is ever complete without accessories. In fact even if you are wearing a very simple dress, you can make it look like a million dollar one by pairing it with a sophisticated accessory.

We bring to you just what you want - sophisticated accessories with a touch of elegance that can make you look as stylish as a fashion diva.

Every person has a style and it is unique in its own sense. If you are yet to choose a style and are confused about fashion, you need not worry anymore. The fascinating accessories brought to you by  Glitz and Glam can help you choose any style you want and have your way with fashion. Our products include the best of precious stone studded dainty bracelets, oxidized silver anklets, silk-thread braided waist bands, floral-printed scarves, hand-crafted, intricately carved ear studs and earrings, inlaid with many hued stoned, kundan neckpieces and a lot more. Rubies, Quartz, Onyz, Moonstones, Aquamarine, you name it and we have it in our range.Order an accessory from us today and claim that fashionista look forever!

Our Story

We started small in 2007 and have come a long way to become the “go-to destination” for jewelry, footwear and accessories of the hottest ever trends.We intend to inspire fashion creativity in all our customers, by acting as a personal fashion stylist or a friend who can be a lot of fun. Through our inspirational products, we cater to the moods, attitudes and personalities of all our customers. Quality and elegance is what we speak through our products and we help all our customers to look their best at all times as well as on all occasions.Take some time off from your busy schedule and browse through our website to find out how we can help you. We look forward to serve you in the trendiest sort of way.

We Absolutely Love What We Do

Fashion is our passion and we love to serve our customers with the best of what we have. We are constantly changing our stock to cater to the dynamic demands of the fashion world. Closely following world fashion trends, we love to put in extra efforts to come up with the hottest accessories that never cease to amaze and floor our customers, every time we come out with a new line.If you were to ask us why we work this hard, there is only one answer - we love what we do at  Glitz and Glam.

Our Mission

 To be recognized as every jewelry lover's best friend.Glitz and Glam is the world’s leading brand for fun, affordable and fashionable jewelry, accessories and footwear.We believe that every jewelry lover  prefers his/her own individual and style and our business is to give expression to it through clever accessorization. We achieve this by Providing every jewelry lover an opportunity to make his/her own personal discoveries Giving our valued customer the chance to express herself in her own, unique and stylish way.Connecting with our customer as a friend with whom he/she can share  personal milestones. For example, a first date, wedding anniversary or job woes. Offering our customer a wide range of products, through which he/she can express who he/she is or wants to be.

Our Vision

To Help You Become Yourself.We strive to inspire our customers to evolve into their best selves by offering them world-class accessories. We give them a mindboggling range to choose a unique and differentiating style that will help them stand apart from the clutter.Innovation, Discovery and Fun are three things we concentrate upon. We love to be the style guide and a friend that you always craved for. We will help shape your personal story as well as your dreams. We will stand up to and even exceed the expectations that you, as a customer place on us.

Why www.glitzandglam.co.in?

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” – Rachel Zoe

If you love fashion and accessories, you will love our products.
Through our vast range of trendy accessories, we cater individually to a client’s preferences and help him/her express himself/herself in a unique and winning way. We put in all our efforts to help you shine in the brightest manner, day in and day out, cherishing each moment that we spend in serving our customers to this end.
You’ll discover that the team at  Glitz and Glam of people who share your passion and values. Our enthusiasm for treating every customer we serve as a Queen/King in her/his own right has made our e-commerce platform a thoroughly exciting and vibrant place to shop from.
If you still want to know why  Glitz and Glam, here are a few other reasons:
1 > Contemporary design is what we focus on when it comes to jewelry and our standards are really very high
2 > With every new collection, we try and create a new level of individuality and inspiration
3 > Our unique creation reflects radiant colours; creative and thoughtful use of  different materials including wooden beads, chemical beads and glass beads and patented techniques that we have developed and perfected over the years to differentiate our products from the run of the mill.

What Do We Deal In?

We deal in every conceivable accessory that has the potential to transform you into a fashion diva and/or a style icon. Our customers love our wide range of flashy and chunky bracelets, scarves and foot wears. We have something to please every customer; suit every occasion and match every budget and style preference. 

Pandora’s Box

“Jewelry can speak when you don’t have words.”

We stock an exquisite collection of fashion jewelry designed by our in-house design team. Our online store features pieces that are timeless and elegant, young and vibrant; exclusive and avant-grade.We offer pieces that you’d feel inspired to give as gifts to your loved ones on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Anniversary or Birth Day. They in turn are sure to treasure them for life. All our pieces reflect untold beauty, perfection, creativity and innovation. We cater to the achievers of the 21st century customers, who want to look their best 24 X 7. Be it that all important boardroom meeting or a wedding reception, we have just the right jewelery piece and accessory to match every customer; every occasion.

Sexy Sandals

Been on a spin all day with no time to rest your feet. Fret not. We have an amazing range of sexy, strappy sandals and other footwear that will keep your feet breathing and happy all day long. We will sort not just your daily wear needs but keep you ready for those special occasions too. Class-apart designs, fun colours, several heel types and affordable prices – search and you shall find it on our site.  

Silken Scarves

Every man or woman is innately attached to his/her accessories. Scarves are a little piece of delight that can jazz up any plain Jane dress. At  Glitz and Glam you can get your hands on the most vibrant range of scarves that are timeless and trendy.Whether accessorizing a designer dress with a stunning scarf or putting a dash of charm to your everyday business wear, or adding the spirit of fun and sparkle as you step out of the house, we have scarves to define your style or uplift your corporate look.Take your pick today!

We Love to Serve You

Glitz and Glam’s staff is always available for your assistance and you can contact our customer service associates with any queries regarding your orders.We deliver to your doorstep, so whether you are in India or any other part of the world, you can opt for cash on delivery, Credit Card, Debit Card payments, PayPal or Net Banking. We also offer a 45-days return or refund policy with no strings attached. We invite you to go through some of the amazing hot and sizzling deals we offer on our website.

Credit Services

You can call our customer care anytime for automated information on your account, to change your account address or for any other services.

Order Status

Your order is safe with us. You can always check the status of your order through phone, email or chat.

Your Opinion

Your opinion matters to us. Please fill in the form below to give us your suggestions on how we can make our service better.

Vendor Opportunities

We are always on the lookout of domestic and international suppliers with whom we can forge strong business relationships. Please fill in the form given below if you wish to connect, in any way, with www.glitzandglam.co.in and see synergy in our partnership.

Catalog Services

You can download  Glitz and Glam's latest product catalogue  

Corporate Social Responsibility

We, at Glitz and Glam are very serious about our business and our social responsibility to the communities we engage and serve. We see to it that our operations leave a positive impact on:

•         The staff who work in our stores

•         Our corporate family

•         The manufacturing facilities of our vendors

•         The employees of our vendors

We see all these players as important stakeholders in our success and want to ensure that we share our growth story with them.

 Life at Glitz and Glam

If you want to be a part of  Glitz and Glam, we can assure you, right at the onset that your journey with us is going to be absolutely exciting.

If fashion inspires you, you have landed at just the right place. Life at our office gets better every day with new trends and designs coming up. A will to serve and a hunger for catching up with the newest trends are the core attributes we expect from you. For the business we are in, we look for a special “sparkle” in our staff.

It doesn’t matter what who you are, we can help you learn and grow. You will feel the energy as soon as you enter our premises. We will make sure that every moment you spent at  Glitz and Glam is a rewarding, challenging and memorable one. We have some incredible positions right from the entry level to senior management roles in sales, marketing, designing and support.