Jewelled Scarf

Accessories play a major role in shaping your final look. A pretty dress or a smart suit can be made to look even better by the addition of matching or contrasting accessories. Scarves enhances your look and add to your style quotient. Shop online and get yourself from a number of styles and designs as well as colors scarf necklace, scarf jewelery and beaded scarves.

Buy wholesale online handmade neck scarves and get the best discounts during festive and promotional offers. 

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Jewelled Scarf JW 1

Black and beige layered beads attached with a patterned stole.Style tip:  Would look nice if st..


Jewelled Scarf JW 10

Layered beads attached with a bright stole in yellow and dark brown tones.Style tip: Can be worn wit..


Jewelled Scarf JW 11

Three-layered green Opal beads, one layer alternated with red stones make it stand out from the clut..


Jewelled Scarf JW 12

Floral stole attached with two layered neckpiece in black Onyx and the faintest of baby pink beads.S..


Jewelled Scarf JW 13

Layered neck piece with a variety of beads attached to a cotton fabric stole.Style tip: You can pair..


Jewelled Scarf JW 14

Beige stole with a floral inspiration and long tasselled pendant with brown dangling beads.  St..


Jewelled Scarf JW 15

Sea-green, braided beads attached to a green-patterned stole.Style tip: Would look pretty with a sho..


Jewelled Scarf JW 16

Three-layered grey and silver neck piece paired with a geometric patterned, black and white stole wi..


Jewelled Scarf JW 17

A chunky fashioned, flat silver and faint, translucent pink neck piece attached to a silk stole.Styl..


Jewelled Scarf JW 18

Tiny black Onyx beads layered attached to a brown stole.Style tip: The best way to style this neck p..


Jewelled Scarf JW 19

Pearls woven with a thin cord, matched with an abstract-printed stole. Style tip: Would look ni..


Jewelled Scarf JW 2

Make a bold statement with this buckle-and-tie-neck piece with yellow tassel pendant. Style tip..


Jewelled Scarf JW 20

Grey and blue Onyx beads attached with a tassel.Style tip: This unique neck piece can be styled with..


Jewelled Scarf JW 21

Make a fashion statement with this rainbow-coloured neck piece made with flat beads, attached to a f..


Jewelled Scarf JW 22

You can steal someone’s heart with this statement neckpiece with an interwoven, silk stole.Style tip..