Earrings add grace to an outfit in a way that no other piece of jewellery can. Designer earrings like Peacock style, Kashmiri style Earrings, Polki Danglers, Kundan Baalis, Jhumkas and Tokri Jhumkis that can leave the woman completely mesmerized. You can go for something priceless like Dazzler earrings or elegant hoops, as they are uniquely handcrafted with perfection! Women can get a lot of options at Glitz and Glam that can give them a classy and stunning look.

So what are you waiting for? Buy online fashion earrings and jewelry wholesale and make an investment for life! 

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Earrings ER 101

Timeless elegance crafted with a bit of kundan work and pink beads.Style tip: Pair it with a delicat..


Earrings ER 102

The floral-design inspired kundan earrings are exquisite, but don’t miss the touch of red in ruby st..


Earrings ER 103

Half circled earrings with white kundan work to complement your ethnic look.Style tip: Great for any..


Earrings ER 104

Half circled earrings, studded with deep maroon-coloured beads to enhance your traditional look. S..


Earrings ER 105

Elegant traditional wear with tear drop emerald surrounded with leaf shaped white kundan.Style tip: ..


Earrings ER 106

Beautifully designed with kundan word and added a touch of pink Fancy Sapphire drop.Style tip: Pair ..


Earrings ER 107

Stud earrings with drop-dead gorgeous rubies studded all around the gold-brass moon-base.Style tip: ..


Earrings ER 107

Beautifully crafted with kundan and white pearl drop, these earrings will surely add a touch of eleg..


Earrings ER 108

Jhumar style earrings, its unique style give a touch of ethnicity to your outfit.Style tip: Can be w..


Earrings ER 109

Beautifully designed with kundan word and added a touch of pink Fancy Sapphire drop.Style tip: Pair ..


Earrings ER 110

Pink Fancy Sapphire drop earrings with half-moon shaped design.Style tip: Pick any of your designer ..


Earrings ER 111

Crafted with kundan, these earrings look beautiful with its flower design at the top.Style tip: Thes..


Earrings ER 112

Artfully crafted with kundan and a drop of pink Fancy Sapphire give these earrings a traditional tou..


Earrings ER 113

Multicoloured stones came together to form an unique traditional designed earrings.Style tip: Wear t..


Earrings ER 114

A drop of pink coral with studded emerald on a brass design make this earrings one of a kind.Style t..